11 Secluded Beaches You Need To Add To Your Bucket List


You need to add these 11 secluded beaches to your bucket list! The first one on my personal list is known to the locals as Shipwreck Beach (it’s obvious why when you see it).

Almost everyone likes spending time at a beach with clear water, in the sunshine, caressed by a light breeze and surrounded by tropical vegetation. Some people might prefer white sand, others a rocky shore. Some people like the proximity of bars and cafés, others prefer a quiet place.

Whatever your preferred style, there is no denying these beaches have inviting natural beauty. Their hard-to-get-to location frees them from the ravages of heavy tourist populations, preserving the pristine natural wonders.

To help put you close, we have listed the nearest Space-A locations below. But you will have to use your traveler know-how to get you the rest of the way.

Click the link below to read about what makes these rare treasures so special.

11 Secluded Beaches


Photo: Courtesy of Pixabay

Source: 11 secluded beaches you need to add to your bucket list

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