Space-A Warrior Base Intel Report

This base is located in the northwest area of Fort Worth, Texas, and sits adjacent to Lake Worth. As one drives  through the main gate at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, he enters Military Parkway. The office for Navy Gateway Inn and Suites is located close to the main gate and to the right. Adjacent to the office is a spacious lounge which has a large screen TV, restrooms, […]

The Howard’s First Space-A Hop to Hawaii

My wife and I patiently checked the flight schedules for Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Texas, over a period of several months. We had signed up by fax for Hawaii and, upon checking it one day, noticed a flight with 107 seats on Monday, Jan. 16 to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Calif., and, after a refueling stop, on to Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. […]

The Carusos Save Big $$ On Hearing Aids

Well, it’s Thursday, April 28, and Gayle and I are off again. This time to the New London Submarine Base in Connecticut. I’m going to their audiology department to have my hearing aids checked. They are four years old now and I purchased them from the Audiology Department. With all the bad weather news on TV about severe thunderstorms and tornados, we were hesitant […]

The Feldman’s Tasmanian Travels

“Tassie” (as the locals call it) is an island state of Australia off the southeastern corner of the continent. She is about the size of Ireland or the American state of West Virginia, but with a population of only half a million. We feel that out of the six states of Australia, Tasmania is the most beautiful. Her mountains, lakes, beaches, harbors, villages and town are right out of a picture book! Our advice: get out […]

New Navy Lodge at Coronado

  If you ever tried to get into the Navy Lodge at NAS North Island, Calif., before and found all the rooms were reserved, now you just might be in luck! The Navy Lodge Program, one of the biggest successes in Temporary Military Lodging™, operating at reasonable costs, and at no government expense, has just expanded its popular lodge here to an awesome 305 rooms. […]