The Feldmans Discover Slovenia and Alaska

Our “Great Adventures” always start with great dreams of going to an imagined place (in this instance Sydney), then there is the reality of the flights offered to us by the U.S. military. This time, there were a couple of false starts – i.e.: a few flights “on the board” which turned out not to be available! We are used to this and returned to our Jacksonville home […]

The Howards Hunt Down a Marine in San Diego

My niece’s son was due to graduate from Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego and several members of our family decided to fly out and attend the ceremony. Since we had not been to that city in quite awhile, my wife and I decided to turn the trip into a vacation. We flew commercial to San Diego and picked up our rental car at the airport. Then […]

The Feusiers Explore Germany via Space-A

Over a year ago, a retired Army friend advised us of the savings involved when traveling via Space-A. He went over the process but we didn’t absorb it all at the time. I retired from the Army in December of 2010, and continue working with my mortgage broker/loan refinancing business. My wife retired in December of 2011 and started asking our friend more about […]

The Berkeys Fly Space-A to Italy and Croatia

We planned our annual Space-A trip by blocking out April, planning to “get started” the day after Easter. We wanted to go to Italy and explore off the beaten track. We had seen the major cities and surroundings in Italy so we planned to fly into Aviano AB, Italy, one hour north of Venice at the base of the Dolomite mountains, and see the small […]