The Campbells Enjoy the Fabulous Navy Lodge at North Island

Roll call was bright and early on Thursday, September 20, when we presented to the passenger terminal at McGuire AB for a flight to North Island NAS. Our daughter lives in San Diego, and we wanted to spend some time with her. We had sent in our space-a request form on July 28, so we were near the top of the list […]

Church’s Summer Travel Tips

Planning is all important for any excursion but especially for Category VI passengers wanting a Space-A adventure in the summer. In late July, my wife and I traveled to northeast Italy, to the Dolomite Mountains, where we enjoyed a week of fun-filled hiking. We share our experience to help make your own travel successful. Before leaving the US, we took time to contact our bank […]

Feldmans in Peru, Parts II & III

Editor’s note: The following are the second and third parts of the Feldman’s recent trip to Peru. The first article covered their travels in Lima and appeared in the July-August edition of the R&R Travel News®. Trujillo In less than a one-hour flight north on TACA Airlines from Lima’s ultra-modern airport, we were descending over the beautiful tropical Pacific […]

Sommers Retire in Germany

When I retired from the USAF in 1987 after a 28-year career, I was assigned to the Warrior Preparation-Center at Einsiedlerhof Air Station, Germany, located very close to Ramstein AB. At the time we already lived in our own home in the vicinity of Ramstein. In 1987, my German mother-in-law lived about 10 minutes away from us and was approaching the age of […]

Kathryn Cleveland at Camp Lejune

Bonnie and Clyde, my camper and truck, sat in my daughter’s driveway for three weeks as I ignored the same camper problems that I had ignored on my trip across the county. It was much more rewarding to spend time with her as we waited for the baby’s arrival. Then the labor and birth became much more important. And then HE was here! Who […]

Tillman’s European Travel Advice

In the fall of 2011 my wife and I decided to fly into Germany and rent a car to see Luxembourg, Belgium and Holland. First I went to AAA and got an international driver’s license. Don’t try and rent a car without it, as you cannot get it in Europe. Another tip is to work without a schedule. Schedules are a no-no for Space-A. […]

Ink’s Global Lodging Tips

Many of you may not be aware of the site where one can rent a condominium for a very low price. A two-bedroom unit, occupied by two couples for a week, is only $349.00, with sale prices as low as $329.00. That is less than $25 per night per couple. These condominiums are located all over the world and most are super deluxe units. The site,, is for the […]

Heydes’ First Space-A Trip

What a trip!! We were up at 0100, short night, and we didn’t sleep well, we were both anxious. Taxi was to be there at 0200, but came late which turned out to be no problem since its only a half hour or so. The driver picks up soldiers from the strip joint all night and he was apparently busy with the new boys […]