Sue & Dean McCraw fly Space-A to Spain & Morocco!

We live in Stillwater, OK, and as such, our closest installation is Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, OK. Tinker has few Space-A opportunities although they are very good about posting flights when they occur. Our next closest Space-A facility is McConnell AFB in Wichita, KS. They frequently have KC-135 flights to Europe and various bases in CONUS. The next facility in proximity to us is NAS JRC Ft. Worth, TX. They have […]

Inks land on Ascension Island

December 2012 We just returned from Ascension Island with comments and describing the difficulty of getting there. Before anyone can go they must obtain written permission from the USAF detachment on the island, permits from the local government, and pay a fee of 20 pounds each. The request has to be date specific as to when you are going and returning. The […]

Armstrongs fly Space-A to Germany

Germany, 2012: Wanting to enjoy good Fall weather in Europe while avoiding the scarcity of Space-A seats in the summer, we decided to attempt a September trip to Germany. We put our names on the Category 6 roster in July and then waited … watching for a flight towards Germany out of McChord AFB near Tacoma, WA. Tuesday, Sept. 11 showed a flight to Dover and a […]

Bill Tillman Asks “Why Travel?”

I understand some R&R Travel News® readers have wondered how I get into the situations I do and why I find it such an important part of my travels? How can I do all of these things without having a fixed plan? How have we always succeeded in enjoying our trip so immensely? And what makes meeting people from different culture such a pleasure? At many times, over the years, friends, relatives and […]

Sue Gilmore Salutes the ‘Old Salts’

In 1958, in Waterford, CT, my marriage took place with a Sailor who was based on the old diesel sub, the Entemedor. Shortly after our marriage he was assigned to the first SSBN, Ballistic Nuclear Submarine, the George Washington SSBN598 ad later to the George Bancroft SSBN. Our ports, besides Connecticut were Damneck, VA, and Charleston, SC, ending up in Washington DC, where he […]