Ye Olde Salts Invade Scotland

This is only one part of the ultimate backpacking experience for Lt.Col John Braddy, USA, (Ret.); Master Chief Ken Brigham, USN, (Ret.); Chief Master Sergeant Ronald Tate, USAF, (Ret.); and Senior Chief Robin Wallace, USN, (Ret.)—AKA: “The Old Salts.” The first stop on this trek was Ireland followed by Scotland, England, France and back through Germany […]

From The Clouds …

The right place at the right time? You bet. And miracles do happen…. Yesterday a KC–10 in-flight refueler hurried out of Yokota, Japan. There was a fierce snow storm that had already left 1.5 ft of snow on the ground, with more snow heading their way. They had 10 passengers on board all heading to […]

Marv and Carole Feldman Return to Asia

SINGAPORE―GETTING THERE We had made several unsuccessful attempts to visit Singapore and Southeast Asia over the past few years but this time we hit the jackpot! There were no military flights heading west when we wanted to travel so we started with Southwest Airlines flights across the USA from Jacksonville to Sacramento, then took the excellent […]