Ashford General Hospital Now Called Creenbrier Resort

The U.S. Army’s Ashford General Hospital (West Virginia) may not sound familiar to most of today’s retirees or senior military leaders, but there was a time (1942–1946) that it was known as “The Shangri-La for Wounded Soldiers and Airman”! This is because it was, and is today, The Greenbrier Resort, except for those years of conscripted military service. (Actually, the federal government had […]

The Esperantes Discover an American Oasis in Tokyo, Japan

The Army’s Hardy Barracks is one of two U.S. military compounds in midtown Tokyo. The other is the U.S. Navy’s New Sanno Hotel, an upper class hotel. After an exhausting 18-hour travel time from LAX with a 3-hour stopover in Beijing, China, a comfortable mode of transportation to a hotel is well-deserved. A taxi ride cost approximately 7,600 Yen which is equivalent to $76 from Haneda […]

Ron Jones Writes About Being Retired and RV’ing – A Wonderful Combination!

I am retired—several times. The first was a medical retirement from the US Army in 1970. The second was as a Professor at the University of North Texas. I am also an RVer and have been forever. That is, I have owned several RVs of various sizes and my wife and I love to travel over North America. A Fulltimer We certainly live an […]