The Old Salts Escape on European Fast Trains!

While on Friday 28 March 2014, the “Old Salts” were crossing the Atlantic Ocean in our Boeing C–17A cargo plane, John Braddy placed his personal automobile GPS unit next to a window and it recorded our speed at 460 miles per hour. On Wednesday April 9th we took a fast train from Edinburgh, Scotland, to […]

Bill and Mary Reals Tour London and Paris

London My wife and I just returned from visiting London, Paris, and their surrounding country side. During our visit in London, we stayed at the Victory Service Club in downtown London, near the Marble Arch. The club is open for allied Officers, NCO’s, and is very centrally located from a transportation standpoint. Their rooms are […]

The Crawfords Visit Naval Air Terminal, Norfolk

A most interesting Air Mobility Command Air Terminal is located in the heart of Hampton Roads in Norfolk, Virginia. It is called the Naval Air Terminal Norfolk. Norfolk Naval Base is the world’s largest Navy base, and surrounding the area are the towns of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, Hampton, and Williamsburg. You […]

Marv & Carole Feldman go From Neptune to Strudel— The Lady, the Old Man and the Sea

This Great Adventure (GA) was a “sea change” from our previous 35 GAs! We did something different—instead of traveling to Europe via Space-A by military air, as we have many times before, we took a trans-Atlantic repositioning voyage by sea on the huge, new Royal Princess from Ft. Lauderdale (Florida) to Copenhagen (Denmark). This was our first […]