ROCKET CITY – A three day car trip to Montgomery (Alabama) to see Marvin’s family, soon morphed into a voyage of discovery and adventure to northern Alabama, utilizing military accommodation where possible. Although Alabama is Marvin’s “home state,” he grew up in the southern part and had not explored the northern (Tennessee Valley) area. A […]

Holiday Inn’s Innisfree Fort Walton Beach, Florida

  According to their website, the Holiday Inn Resort hotel in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, “is proud to host America’s military service members. In gratitude to the men and women who bravely serve our country, we allocate 4000 room nights yearly at a 50 percent discounted per diem rate. We invite those who are serving […]

The Dickinsons’ Revisit Colonial Williamsburg

No, “rochambeau” is not an exotic drink, and a “cooper” doesn’t refer to a family member of my next door neighbor, or that small little automobile now on the market. My wife and I learned the true meanings of those expressions upon our 1970’s visit to historical Williamsburg, Virginia. We currently have six grandchildren, and […]

Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles (Part One) Melissa and Josh Gabon

After four years of missing Christmas with family due to deployments and underways, we finally were able to travel home to sunny Los Angeles for the holidays. “We” means me and my husband, Josh, who is a Nuclear Machinist Mate attached to an aircraft carrier. Our last Christmas was spent in Manama, Bahrain, when I […]

Navy Getaway Rental Cottages in VA Beach!

Exciting news: twenty fully-furnished beach cottages on 67th Street in Virginia Beach are now available to rent by military and retired personnel! Virginia Beach is the most populous city in Virginia and the 39th most populous city in the United States. Considered a popular resort town with miles of beaches and hundreds of hotels, motels, […]

Cover Story and Updates For This Issue

COVER STORY: VA Beach Navy Rental Cottages! For the past few years, R.J., Roy Sr., and Ann have been driving often to the new area chosen for the Navy Getaway Rental Cottages. One day, they saw the beginning of the new cottages underway. To celebrate, Ann took a picture on the ocean side of Roy […]