RV/Camping Updates

UPGRADE to Navy Recreation Center Solomons Island Upcoming $11 million dollar renovation project slated for Solomon’s beginning this year. Updated information is the following: The physical address is Navy Recreation Center Solomons Island, 13855 Solomons Island Road, Solomons, MD, 20688. The mailing address is PO Box 147, Solomons, MD, 20688. 24-Hour Reservations web and phone: […]

Warning to Readers on Rental Car Issues, Especially in Florida

This week I was on the road/flying Space A and have had 4 rental cars in 6 days! Bottomline is renting a car is a battle of wits and gut wrenching experience full of add on’s, fees, etc. Also new rules and toll fees in Florida! Please warn members! South Florida did away with toll […]

Melissa & Josh Return Home: Washington, D.C to Los Angeles!

LOS ANGELES: FORT MACARTHUR (SAN PEDRO, CA) – We stayed at the Fort MacArthur Air Force Inn for all our trip home, and although it was not as fancy as Wainwright Hall in Fort Myer, it was still incredibly affordable at $65 a night (based on an active-duty rate). The address is Los Angeles AFB Bldg. […]

The Feldmans on…The Best of Barcelona!

Many of our friends have been to Barcelona in order to embark on or disembark from a Mediterranean cruise. They fly in, grab a taxi to the port and only pass through this amazing city! If they are smart, they at least spend a day here. We took our time, staying there for a full […]

Fourth Cliff Recreation Area

The Harfsts are On the Loose Again…Fourth Cliff Recreation Area in New England!

As we all know, there are lots of benefits connected with traveling Space Available, and we read examples of those benefits in every issue of the R&R Travel News. But, there is one very important benefit that is sometimes mentioned obliquely in articles, but not often addressed directly. I would like to remedy that situation. […]

European Temporary Military Lodging™ Guide

FRANCE CERCLE NATIONAL DES ARMEES  – (FR01R7) Hotel St. Augustine (Not U.S. Government Lodging) Reservation Phone: C-011-33-1-44-90-26-26, C-011-33-1-44-90-27-28, Fax: C-011-33-1-44-90-17-75, Fax C-011-33-1-44-90-27-55. Reservation E-mail: hotel@cnaparis.com Reservation Website: http://www.cnaparis.com/fr Reservation Address: (National Officers’ Club of the Armies) Vice-President, Director of the Officers’ Club, 8 Place Saint-Augustin Paris, France 75008. Hotel Sainte Genevieve (Not U.S. Government Lodging) Reservation Phone: […]