Naval Postgraduate School – Monterey Lodging

Cindy Gardner Educates Us About Navy Gateway Inns & Suites at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA Although we were staying at the Navy Lodge in Monterey this past week, we were curious about lodging at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPGS). Housed in the historic Hotel Del Monte, the splendid interior and grounds are […]

The 16 Best Places to See Fall Foliage

  Source: The 16 Best Places to See Fall Foliage We searched the country for the best spots to get the true autumn experience. Here are some installations that can offer accommodations near some of the locations mentioned in the article above: Helmsman Inn in Kittery Maine. The Great Pond Outdoor Adventure Center in Maine. Fort Hamilton or Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, […]

25 State Parks with National Ambitions

The Wild State-Run Places That Are Giving the National Parks a Run For Their Money. Source: 25 State Parks with National Ambitions By R.J. Crawford Here is an excellent article on 25 great State Parks by Lauren Steele from Men’s Journal. In using our theme of, “Travel on Less Per Day the Military Way!” we are […]

Military Living® Visits Navy Region Northwest

Being from the East Coast, I wanted to know what it is like to live in the northwest United States, so I spent a few days touring the naval facilities in the greater Seattle area. Almost to a person, people said, “I was not much of an outdoor person until I moved here.” After finishing […]

World’s Longest Trail

If you like an active vacation where you can get outside and hike, Canada might be a great destination! The Great Trail, also referred to as the Trans Canada Trail, is a 14,864-mile network of paths slated to be completely connected by 2017, making it the longest connected trail in the world. Provided is the […]

Herb and Landis Harfst On The Loose In Germany (by the Skin of their Teeth!)!

The adventure started on September 3, 2013, with an automobile trip from Richmond, VA, to the Baltimore-Washington International Airport, an uneventful three and a half hour drive. Since we had never flown Space-A from BWI, we parked in the short term lot and found the AMC gate and confirmed that we had correct information. There […]

Joe and Jan Reele Take A Space-A Hop to Sigonella, Italy

October 21 we left for Naval Station Norfolk, VA, via Rte 219. We found out later that it was not the best way to go. There were too many small towns, etc. We finally got to DC and the dreaded Beltway—almost as bad as our politicians as far as gridlock! Going down towards Richmond there […]

Braeholm, UK Closure

As of 30 June 2016, Braeholm, a Helensburgh, UK Naval family center will close its doors. According to a press release from the Aggie Westons, the charity that currently runs the Royal Navy family center, the center has become too costly to run. They concluded the building was not providing sufficient benefit to justify the […]