B.T Collins Reserve Center IHG Army Hotel Closed

The IHG Army Hotel at B.T. Collins Reserve Center, located just 15 minutes from downtown Sacramento, is now closed. The facility is reported to have closed September 2016. The closest military facilities with lodging are Travis AFB, approximately 51 miles southwest, and Beale AFB, approximately 48 miles north.

Recreation Benefits for Service Members – YouTube

Employees describe the recreation benefits available at the Northwest Adventure Center at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. Service members not only enjoy access to outdoor supplies, but they can also take advantage of discounted ski trips and scuba diving classes. The center also provides trips, programs and/or rental equipment to include ATVs, bunji-jumping, camping, canoeing, kayaking, […]

DVIDS – Video – Red Flag 17-1: Interview One

During Red Flag-Alaska 17-1, approximently 2095 U.S. service members will particpate in the exercise approximently 1,295 personnel from outside Alaska amd 203 international visitors (Please click on link below for full interview.) Source: DVIDS – Video – Red Flag 17-1: Interview One

Throwback Thursday: More #HauntedFortBenning

There are more than 60 known cemeteries on Fort Benning, most of which were private family plots or church cemeteries acquired through land expansion, as the federal government purchased land to grow Fort Benning during the early part of the 21st Century. That number does not include the many Native American burial grounds that have […]

Winnebago Aspect RV

Check out the storage in this Winnebago Aspect RV. Always a trade off is size and features when choosing an R.V.

DVIDS – News – San Francisco Fleet Week Concludes

SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco Fleet Week 2016 concluded Oct. 10, wrapping up a weeklong celebration of America’s sea services. (Please click link below to continue reading). Source: DVIDS – News – San Francisco Fleet Week Concludes