Florida Keys Lighthouses

Want to Own a Lighthouse in the Florida Keys?

Want to own a lighthouse in the Florida Keys? According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the federal government is looking to unload four historic Florida Keys light stations from its real estate arsenal. And unlike many traditional lighthouses, these landmarks happen to be perched out in the middle of the crystal-clear tropical sea. Click the […]

Travel to Cuba

Traveling to Cuba: Travel Restrictions Explained

Traveling to Cuba? Travel restrictions can be confusing and frustrating and with the new announcement last week, there are more questions. This isn’t the first time new policies have led to confusion regarding whether travel to Cuba is possible for Americans. Got a trip planned? Unsure how this will affect cruises and air travel to […]

Incirlik Air Base

Incirlik Air Base Space-A, Turkey – Featured Space-A Terminal

Did you know that Incirlik Air Base Space-A, Turkey offers space-a flights to and from this space-A terminal to include Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, Virginia and even to Germany and Spain and other locations? If you’d like to learn more, please follow the link below to read more about the Space-A flight […]

Hickam AFB Pax terminal

Hickam Air Force Base Renovation Photos

Hickam Air Force Base has been renovating its Space-A passenger terminal over the past few years, scheduled in phases. Thanks to a former Military Living Publications editor, Rachel Ohalek, we have been provided some great photos of the new look at Hickam Air Force Base! Hickam Air Force Base This article is shared with you […]

Eglin AFB FamCamp

Misawa Naval Air Facility NGIS, Japan – Please Rate This Lodging Facility

Have you visited the Misawa Naval Air Facility NGIS, Japan? If so, please take a few minutes to share your opinion by using our rating feature.  Rating these facilities not only lets other travelers know what to expect at that location but also gives valuable customer feedback to the facilities themselves. Just click on the […]

military training

Military Members Train in Dangerous Conditions

Military members train in dangerous conditions to ensure our safety. Take a look at the DoD clip below that shows some tough training areas and what it takes! Click the link below to watch this short clip! https://cdn.dvidshub.net/media/video/1902/DOD_106475606/DOD_106475606-1920×1080-6221k.mp4 Military Members Train in Dangerous Conditions | DoD Video This article is shared with you by Militaryliving.com, […]

Best Places to Travel in May

The best places to travel in May include locations that are easier to access than you may think, thanks to your Space-A benefit and access to military lodging and RV camping! Check out some of these great May travel destinations! Click the link below to see where you could be heading! Be sure to scroll […]

Bay view Cottages Pt Loma

Point Loma Bay View Cottages, CA – Featured Lodging of the Week

Point Loma Bay View cottages are located in one of the oldest communities in San Diego, and certainly one of the finest. Surrounded by the ocean on one side and beautiful San Diego Bay on the other, Point Loma boasts incredible skyline and water views. Although limited, the cottages are an excellent accommodation choice if […]

Fleet Week Port Everglades

Don’t Forget: Fleet Week Port Everglades April 29-May 6, 2019

Fleet Week Port Everglades 2019 will be here soon! The community will welcome visiting Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen on Monday, April 29 at Esplanade Park on the Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk. Be sure to mark your calendar for the event! And don’t forget to check out military lodging nearby at Hillsboro Recreational Cottages, located just […]

national park week

National Park Week Kicks-Off April 20th

Don’t forget that National Park Week kicks off on April 20th, offering a variety of events and even free park admission! We previously posted about the event April 5, but wanted to remind you! Click the link below for details, or access the original post here. National Park Week Kicks-Off April 20th This article is […]