Kevin Costner’s New Travel App Will Narrate Your Next American Road Trip

If you’re tired of listening to the same old playlists and podcasts, check out the new travel app co-founded by Kevin Costner. In podcast-style episodes, listeners will hear stories about the regions through which they travel. Not only will these stories keep you from being bored on the road, they’ll also deepen your understanding of […]

Visit A Ghost Town Near You

Visiting a ghost town can be provide travelers with a unique perspective on an unusual facet of American history. Read on to learn about ghost towns across America. Thrillist ~ ” Amid the crumbling walls of America’s coolest ghost towns, you’ll find glimpses into each state’s history. They tell stories of tremendous booms and unfathomable busts.They’re victims of […]

Oak Grove RV Park & Cottages, FL | Featured Camping & RV Getaway

The Oak Grove RV Park & Cottages are located on Naval Air Station Pensacola in the Florida panhandle. Oak Grove Park is located under the Oaks along the beach off Radford Blvd.  It is nestled along the Pensacola Bay, offering you a place to swim and cool off while staying here.  You have the option […]

Sleep In A Teardrop-Shaped Tent In Belgium

Looking to plan a one-of-a-kind camping trip? Look no further. In Belgium, you can rent a teardrop shaped tent originally created as an art installation. Travel and Leisure ~ ” For those who are not fans of sleeping on the cold, hard ground, sleeping in a treehouse can be an excellent alternative. And for many […]

Marylander RV Park (APG North), MD | Please Rate Camping & RV Getaway

Have you visited the Marylander RV Park at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland? If so, please take a few minutes to share your impressions by using our rating feature. Rating these facilities lets other travelers know what to expect at that location. And, it also gives valuable customer feedback to the facilities themselves. Just click on […]

10 Most Remote National Parks And How To Get To Them

Remote national parks offer scenic beauty, peaceful ambiance, and ample opportunity for social distancing. This article details the ten most remote national parks in America, and how to see them. Budget Travel ~ ” Recreating in national parks delivers fresh air, stunning natural surrounds, physical exercise, and stress relief. However, as the flag went up […]

Zorbas Beach Village Hotel | Chania, Crete

  One word: breathtaking. Let us introduce to you the beautiful and picturesque Zorbas Beach Village Hotel. This stunning beachfront complex, consisting of 51 independent Apartments and Studios, is situated in the Stavros area of Chania, Crete, merely a few kilometers from Souda Bay Naval Support Activity.  The hotel boasts stunning views over the Cretan […]

Naval Lodge El Centro NAF, CA – Please Rate

Have you visited the Naval Lodge at El Centro Naval Air Facility in California? If so, please take a few minutes to share your opinion by using our rating feature.  Rating these facilities lets other travelers know what to expect at that location. And it also gives valuable customer feedback to the facilities themselves! Just […]

These Hotels Are Turning Rooms Into Remote Work Spaces

The global Covid-19 pandemic has left many hotel rooms empty. Enterprising hotels have come up with a way to fill these vacancies: turn rooms into remote work spaces. Travel and Leisure ~ ” For many, hotel rooms are reserved for exotic trips, relaxing vacations, or even a good night’s sleep after a long day of business […]

25 Best Lake Vacations Across the United States

Visiting a lake is a Summertime must! This article details some of the best, most beautiful lakes across the United States for some Summer travel inspiration. Travel and Leisure ~ ” America offers a lake vacation for every season and activity, and no matter where you live, even in the Southwest desert, chances are there’s […]