Best Ways to Disinfect Your Hotel Room

Looking for ways to keep yourself safe while traveling during the Pandemic? Travel and Leisure has collaborated with health experts to put together a great guide on how to disinfect your hotel room during the pandemic. Along with wearing a mask and washing your hands thoroughly and often, here are some safety measures you can […]

Meet A Logistics Specialist – Video

Meet Logistics Specialist 3rd Class Jaqueline Guererro in this short interview by the U.S. Navy! In the video, the logistics specialist explains her MOS and discusses her experience in the Navy. Source: Meet Logistics Specialist 3rd Class Jaqueline Guerrero This article is shared with you by, your premier source for temporary Military Lodging, Military Space-A Travel, Military RV […]

The U.S. Navy Band’s Presentation Of The Christmas Can-Can

Have a bit of holiday fatigue? Check out the United States Navy Band’s presentation of the Christmas Can-Can, which is sure to make you laugh, sigh, and get right back into the holiday spirit for this home stretch before the holidays! Enjoy this hilarious performance. Source: The Christmas Can-Can This article is shared with you […]

Remotely Work From Sunny Greece As A Digital Nomad

For those looking to travel while they work and enjoy the freedom that comes with the lifestyle of a digital nomad, Greece is offering several benefits, including a hefty tax break. For some great travel inspiration and more information about Greece’s new program, read on! God Save The Points ~ ” Greece is the latest […]

MWTC Transient Lodging at Mountain Warfare Training Center – Please Rate

Have you stayed at the MWTC Transient Lodging at Mountain Warfare Training Center in California? If so, please take a few minutes to share your experience by using our rating feature. Rating these facilities not only lets other travelers know what to expect at that location, but also gives valuable customer feedback to the facilities […]

GoSun Releases Solar Powered Travel Mug

GoSun has released a variety of solar-powered items great for campers and travelers. Their latest creation, the GoSun Brew, is a solar-powered travel mug. It’s the perfect addition to a backpacking or camping setup; no fire to make your coffee means no threat of wildfire to the area where you’ve set up camp. Read on […]

Point Betsie Recreation Cottage – Featured Lodging

This week’s featured lodging facility is the Point Betsie Recreation Cottage in Michigan! This unique lodging facility is open to active duty service members, National Guard service members, reservists, and retirees. Reservations may be made up to 120 days in advance for active duty and up to 60 days in advance for all others. Reservations […]

Barking Sands Beach Cottages – Featured Camping & RV Getaway

This week’s featured camping & RV getaway is the Barking Sands Beach Cottages in Hawaii! This lodging facility accepts reservations from active duty service members, retirees, and Department of Defense employed civilians. MWR, NEX and NAF employees and contractors working on base are also welcome. Reservations can be made up to one year in advance […]

Hawaii Launches New Remote Work Program

If you’re looking for a tropical getaway while working remotely, look no further than Hawaii’s new remote work program. This state sponsored program is offering free flights to a handful of lucky applicants to their “Movers & Shakas” program in exchange for some volunteer hours from beneficiaries of the program. Read the article below to […]