4 Reasons to Use Military Campgrounds and Lodging


Military campgrounds and lodging facilities offer plenty of benefits, but why stay at one of these facilities rather than a typical camping or lodging facility? This article lists 4 of the top reasons you should consider staying at a military travel facility on your next trip!

Militarybyowner ~ “ If you haven’t stayed at a military campground or hotel, you might be wondering what the big deal is. So let’s take a look at why so many military families hit the road and use apps like FamCamps to find the best military lodging sites to set up their temporary homes.

1) They fit your military budget.
Here’s the BLUF (bottom line up front): You get more for your money on base. Sure, you can haggle the hotel management for a lower rate, but is that how you want to spend your time during a chaotic PCS? For the price of a regular hotel room, you probably could reserve a suite on base and give the kids their own room for the same price.

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2) They add another level of safety and security.
Safety is arguably the most compelling reason to stay on base. By law, military installations screen who’s allowed through the gate. The process isn’t perfect, but compared to a typical campground, there’s very little security in comparison. You have no idea who is sleeping in the tent next to you, nor do you have many options to secure your belongings while you’re away from your site. Whether in a tent, camper, or sleeping in a military hotel, the installation is safer than many civilian facilities. The sense of security offers one less thing to worry about when traveling with your family.

3) There’s a built-in convenience factor.
The locations of campgrounds and military lodging facilities aren’t at random. Most sit directly on military installations. They’re easy to find and extremely convenient when you’re in the middle of a military move and need a place to stay while you’re looking for a home or a place to sleep the night you pack your house. Plus, the Shoppette, Exchange, commissary, post office, pools, laundry, restaurants, and more are just a few miles away. Pet parents know that finding a pet-friendly hotel is one of the most challenging chores of the whole PCS or vacation process. Military lodging tends to be more accommodating and less expensive when it comes to welcoming your pets.

4) They might add a little bit of luxury during a long trip.
Some military lodging facilities are more than a great place to crash for the night. Some have luxury features that boost the drudgery of a PCS to feel more like a vacation destination. Staying at places like the New Sanno in Tokyo, Shades of Green in Orlando, and Hale Koa in Honolulu deserve to be your reason to vacation.” ~ Militarybyowner


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Source: 4 Reasons to Use Military Campgrounds and Lodging for PCS and Leisure Travel