A review of the BrewDog DogHouse in Columbus, Ohio


BrewDog, a brewery located in Columbus, Ohio, serves delicious beer and food. They also allow guests to stay on their property at the DogHouse, a hotel with eclectic interior design, friendly staff and an abundance of BrewDog beer! Read on to learn more about this unique lodging facility.

The Points Guy ~ ”  BrewDog’s DogHouse hotel in Columbus, Ohio, is probably unlike any hotel you’ve seen before. With giant graffiti sea creatures on the building and a designated dog park out back, this spot is perfect for craft beer drinkers and dog lovers alike. I ventured to Columbus to check out what this hotel — and brewery — have to offer.

Booking my stay was easy, as it’s a relatively small property (there are only 32 rooms) with an easy-to-navigate website. For my first night there, I booked the standard rate king room for $172 (before taxes and fees). For the second night I was there, I booked the standard rate Punk Suite for $234 (before taxes and fees). Most of the rooms offer great views of the property, which creates a very homey feel. All of the rooms feature in-room refrigerators stocked with a curated bundle of beers that are favorites of BrewDog. The rooms also come with rainfall showers and the option for an in-room tap loaded with BrewDog beer.

Photo by Pawel Kadysz on Unsplash

The DogHouse hotel is connected to BrewDog USA’s massive brewery, which sits on 42 acres a little over 20 minutes outside of downtown Columbus. The location is ideal as it’s an easy drive both from the airport and the city center. The immediate area surrounding the hotel doesn’t have a lot to offer, but the property is large (and interesting) enough to spend quite a bit of time there.

The first room I stayed in was the standard king, and it actually ended up being my favorite. It was a great size and allowed me to stretch out after traveling. It also had a comfy chair I could sit in to finish my work for the day. The in-room keg was loaded with cold Punk IPA, one of their most popular beers. It felt so cool to get (sort of unlimited) chilled beer whenever I wanted, right in my hotel room. It was obviously a lot to drink (I didn’t come close to finishing it), so I recommend this for larger groups or for a longer stay if you’re visiting with a small party.

The second room I stayed in was the Punk Suite, and it actually felt smaller than my first room, even though they were just different layouts. The king room was a lot longer and felt much more spacious. The Punk Suite felt closed off because the sleeping space was small, but at the same time, the added sitting space was nice because everything felt more separate, which is ideal for working. I like keeping my workspace and resting space separate because I find myself to be more productive that way, especially while working remotely. If you’re the same way, I would recommend the suite-style room if you plan to work out of your hotel room.

This property features tons of space to walk around and enjoy the fresh air. The hotel is also pet-friendly, boasting a dog park for furry friends to frolick in. And, appealing to beer lovers, the hotel has a small Beer Museum, which traces the process of brewing beer, the history of BrewDog and of craft beer itself.” ~ The Points Guy

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Source: A review of the BrewDog DogHouse in Columbus, Ohio

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Stay at a brewery at the BrewDog DogHouse!

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