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3 thoughts on “Kirtland AFB FamCamp

  1. Just arrived at Kirtland today for the third visit in four years. The facility continues to improve and is conveniently located. The campsites are spacious and big rig friendly. The showers are immaculate. Kirtland doesn’t take reservations, so call ahead to see if space is available.

    1. Thank you for asking! We have recently adjusted the title of our RV book, replacing “Getaways” with “Cabins”, as there are numerous camping locations that also have cabins for patrons to rent that we wanted to make everyone aware of. While not all locations (such as Kirtland) will have cabins, there are many that do. We have also recently been featuring camping locations on the daily as RVing has become quite popular due to COVID. When we post these locations, we are using the title from our book, RV, Camping & Cabins. I hope this helps!

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