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One thought on “Pacific Beach Resort RV Park and Campground

  1. We love this place, in spite of its ungainliness! The location is superb, on a bluff, overlooking the Pacific, in an area that is not overrun with tourists. It is enjoyable any time of the year. There are several parts to the resort, some outstanding and others mediocre at best. The “cottages” for rent (former housing) are a great value, and well maintained, except for the vertical blinds that seem to universally fall off the windows. Kitchens are well equipped, and modern enough. Lots of space to spread out and enjoy. Unfortunately the housing is situated in a way that only a few units are near and have a view of the water, but that’s about the worst of it.
    The hotel units are pretty variable, but the last time we used them a few years ago they were badly outdated, awkwardly furnished, but OK. They also fail to take care of the stupendous view because they are basically situated at right angles to the beach. The “suites” at the hotel allow pets, but are pretty much two-room BOQs, with a view of the parking lot (ugh!).
    The campground units are great, with the best, of course, being in the front row looking out over the ocean.
    The restaurant leaves a lot to be desired– it reminds me of a local Elks club room, again no view in spite of the location, and the food is just marginal. One time when we ordered “surf and turf” we got a small piece of beef of some kind and — shrimp! The bar is fine (hard not to like most bars– they always seem to manage to have a decent ambience).
    The hot/tub/spa is a very large affair in a claustrophobic inducing enclosed room off of the gym area; doesn’t have much going for it except the welcoming heat after a day on the beach if it’s blustery and cold out there. We haven’t checked out the rest of the gym, but have used the showers, and they are fine.
    Staff are friendly, there is a small gift shop, DVDs to borrow, and (on occasion) bikes to rent for the day. All in all, if you are looking for a good place to relax at the coast, this is great, but “resort” is a bit much to credit it for.

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