Cut Down Your Christmas Tree At These National Forests


We know, it isn’t even Halloween yet… so why are we posting about Christmas Trees? Well, if you’d like the opportunity to cut down your Christmas tree in a national forest, now is the time to get your permit! Read on to learn more about bringing home a piece of a national forest for the holiday season.

TravelAwaits ~ “ To help families create memorable experiences and holiday traditions, the Forest Service has already begun selling permits to cut your own Christmas tree in some U.S. forests. What’s more, the practice even increases the forest’s overall health. Before you start to think cutting a tree down will lead to the destruction of parts of national forests, keep in mind that harvesting Christmas trees is actually good for the forests and plays a role in sound forest management. That’s because the permit system helps to thin densely populated stands of small-diameter trees.

Photo by Taylor Friehl on Unsplash

Here’s how it works. First, local forest health experts identify forest areas that will benefit from thinning trees that tend to be the perfect size for Christmas trees. When people purchase Christmas tree permits and remove trees from these areas, it helps other trees grow larger as well as opens areas that provide forage for wildlife.

The Forest Service began selling Christmas tree permits through the website last year, which makes it convenient for visitors to find and purchase permits. The Forest Service is continuing the practice this year. Participating national forests, which number over 70, include Shoshone, Bighorn, Olympic, and Shawnee.

The Forest Service began selling permits for some forests on October 14. It’s important to note that 90 percent of the national forests which offered Christmas tree permits last year made them available through This year, more national forests will be offering permits online, increasing your chances of finding a forest offering permits online that is close to your home.

You’ll start by visiting the website. On the site, you’ll use a search tool to find the participating forest that works best for you. It’s important to note that each forest will have specific guidelines, cutting area maps, and season dates for cutting a holiday tree. Then, you’ll purchase your permit online. And, don’t forget to print your permit so you can display it on your vehicle’s dashboard when you go to cut your tree. ” ~ TravelAwaits

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Source: Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree At These National Forests – TravelAwaits

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Cut your own Christmas Tree in a National Forest!

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