Are there pending base closures of which I need to be aware while planning Space-A travel?

During the next five years there are several European bases that are planned to either close or realign with other bases. For this publication’s purposes, we are only including those bases closing that currently offer Space-A flights. No closure/realignment dates, firm or projected, have been set at press time of this publication. Be sure to call ahead before including these locations in your Space-A travel plans.

  1. Stuttgart Army Airfield (DE20R7). This base will realign at Kaiserslautern Community U.S. Army Garrison, Ramstein Base (DE30R7).*
  2. Lajes Field Air Base Azores (PT01R7). This facility will reduce military and civilian personnel along with facilities.*
  3. RAF Mildenhall (GB08R7). This base, support sites and facilities will be handed over to the United Kingdom. Operational units will be relocated to other active sites within Europe.*
  4. RAF Alconbury (GB01R7)/RAF Molesworth. This base along with its support facilities will also be turned over to the United Kingdom. United States personnel are scheduled to be reassigned to RAF Croughton.*

*All information obtained via Army Times Publishing Company® Issue date 01/19/2015.