Eligibility – Authorized Patronage of MWR Programs

Any valid U.S. military ID cardholder is eligible to use the facilities at any military installation listed in this site. This includes active, retired, Guard, Reserve , 100% DAVs, and eligible family members. There may be exceptions that are imposed by the commander of the military installation.

In addition, DoD employees, active and retired, are usually accepted at these facilities. In the past, DoD Civilian retirees did not have an ID card. They would often present a copy of their DoD retirement check, annual pay statement and/or any official documentation which will show their status as a DoD retiree.

This access problem has been solved in the past few years by the creation of a NEW ID Card for retired DoD civilian employees.

Identification Card
For information on how to obtain the new DoD Civilian Retiree Identification Card, visit the following website:

What is the purpose of this card?
Since many retired DoD civilians…