How can I get started planning my Space-A travel?

First, answer the following questions:
Do you have a specific destination to which you wish to travel?

This is called Backward Planning. (This will limit the number of places which you can use as your originating station.) In this case, you will work backward by planning your trip from your desired final destination.

Step 1: Choose your destination, and click on our handy links to that country, possession or state to familiarize yourself with the possible places where you may fly as your final destination. Then go to step 2.

Step 2: Locate the destination station that you have chosen. There, you will find a list of originating stations from which (military installation/airport) you may travel Space-A to reach your desired destination.

Step 3: At this point you have two options. You can decide if you wish to travel to one of the originating stations using commercial air, bus, train, car, etc., or if you want to use Space-A to get to that originating destination. (Note: The listing for each Space-A servicing location includes the nearest major civilian airport or the civilian airport most usually used to travel to/from the Space-A servicing location to help in your travel arrangements.)

Step 4: If you need to plan another leg to your trip, simply start again with Step 1, using your originating station selected above as your destination. Repeat the above steps as necessary. You will have to use the flight information provided in the listings (and call the departure locations to confirm that the flight is operating and the days of departure along with the show times, if available) in order to plan efficiently, and limit your time between flights.

Note: On multi-legged trip planning: For overseas destinations, you may wish to plan several legs to your trip, especially if there is not an originating station to your desired destination near your home/starting point. If you can fly from an originating station near your home to a CONUS/OCONUS destination, and from that place, fly on to your final desired destination, you will have a lot more options!

Do you want to travel from a specific originating station (military installation or airport), but are less concerned with where you are going?

This is called Forward Planning. (This will decrease the number of places you can select as final destinations, but will also decrease travel expenses associated with getting to your originating station.)

Step 1: In this case, plan your trip by selecting the link for your desired originating station to examine all of the possibilities for final destinations.

Step 2: If you want to add another leg to your trip, after you have done Step 1, then look in the table of contents for the flights originating from your final destination selected in Step 1. Repeat this step as necessary.

Final notes:

Don’t forget to plan your return trip home! In order to be higher up on the Space-A roster, be sure to sign up for your return at your destination station before you leave home (provided that you are not remaining at your destination station more than 60 days, which is the time limit that you can remain on the Space-A roster without a new sign-up).

If you plan a multi-legged trip, be sure to sign up on the Space-A roster at all originating flight locations!


If you have planned a trip with more than one leg, then you will have to sign up again on the Space-A roster after you fly out of a location, as you will have fulfilled your Space-A from that location, and will be removed from the roster! For example, if you have applied for Space-A travel from Rota NS, ES to CONUS, but while waiting for this transportation you take a flight from Rota NS, ES to Aviano AB, IT, then your application for Space-A from Rota NS, ES to CONUS will be deleted from the computer system when you fly out of Rota NS, ES to Aviano AB, IT. To keep your application to CONUS in place at Rota NS, ES, fly from Moron AB, ES to Aviano AB, IT. Many first-time Space-A travelers miss this important point and end up at the bottom of the list on the day they wish to return/fly to CONUS. It is no fun to be stuck at a military installation/airport when you thought you would be flying home!