I am a 100% disabled American veteran (DAV). I’ve heard that some of us can fly Space-A and others can’t. Could you give me more information on 100% DAVs and Space-A?

Disabled American veterans must be RETIRED from a uniformed service to qualify for Space-A travel. Those members who were separated in lieu of being retired are not eligible. Here’s an easy way to check your eligibility. If your monthly retired check is paid by a uniformed services finance center, e.g., Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Cleveland Center, and your ID card is DD Form 2 (old cards are gray in color; new cards are blue), you can fly Space-A. If you are paid by the Veterans Administration and your ID card is a DD Form 1173 (butterscotch in color) or the more recently issued DD Form 2765, you cannot fly Space-A. The color of ID cards and their form numbers are the key to being allowed to sign up for a Space-A flight. The DD Form 1173 is the same ID form used by dependents. In any case, dependents are not generally allowed to fly Space-A without their sponsors, so this butterscotch color card is a red flag alerting the officials at the Space-A desk that the carrier of the DD Form 1173 is not eligible to fly Space-A unaccompanied.