I’m having trouble understanding the unfamiliar format of some of the overseas commercial phone numbers on this website. Can you explain how they work?

Telephone numbers preceded by a C- are commercial telephone numbers. (If you have questions about the military DSN phone system, please return to the FAQs for more information on the Defense Switched Network phone system.)

The commercial phone number listings on this website contain detailed telephone numbers and prefixes for dialing from a civilian telephone to a military telephone (where this capability exists). All commercial telephone number formats listed assume that the call is being placed from a commercial telephone in North America from a civilian, commercial system (as opposed to DSN). For example, the telephone information section for Ramstein Air Base in Germany looks like this: Main installation numbers: C-011-49-6371-47-1113, DSN-314-480-1110. All telephone information sections for Germany and for most installations in other countries with civilian to military dialing capabilities follow this same basic pattern.

The main civilian number breaks down as follows: the first set of numbers (011) is the international dialing access number for North America; the second set of numbers (49) is the country code for Germany; the third set of numbers (6371) is local area/city code within Germany; the fourth set of numbers (47) is the civilian to military conversion number; and the last set of numbers (1113) is the line or extension number.

IMPORTANT: All local area codes in Germany and several other countries in Europe begin with a “0”which is not used when dialing into the country (except Italy) but must be added if dialing within the country. In Germany, if you are within the boundaries of the local area code, you will not need to dial the local area code (6371) when dialing a civilian number or a defense number. Dial the military conversion number (47) and the military extension when dialing from a local commercial telephone.

Note: When placing overseas calls, one should dial slowly, particularly pausing where we have placed a hyphen in the telephone number, i.e. 011- (pause) 49- (pause) 6371- (pause) 47- (pause) 1110. Also, when dialing a fax number, press your pause button (refer to your manual for instructions) anywhere we have placed a hyphen in the fax number.