Is food served to Space-A passengers on the flight?

Food and soft drinks are free on AMC contract flights. Space-A passengers, like duty passengers, may purchase beer and wine on AMC contract flights. There is a charge if Space-A passengers want to eat on other (military) flights. You can purchase healthy heart menus from the in-flight kitchen. The small meal, at $1.95, includes sandwich, salad or vegetables, fruit and milk or soft drink. The breakfast menu, at $1.95, includes cereal or bagel, fruit, danish and milk or juice. The large meal, at $3.55, includes sandwich, fruit, vegetable or salad, snack or dessert, milk, juice or soft drink. These meals are served at the appropriate time in the flight. Reservations for meals are made at the time of seat assignment or other times in the flight processing. You may bring your own snacks (food) aboard (no alcoholic beverages). New meal prices are established on 1 October each year.