May I register (sign-up) by fax, e-mail, letter/courier or in person at the same departure terminal more than one time for five different foreign countries in order to improve my chances for selection to a particular country?

Space-A passengers may have only one registration (sign-up) record at a passenger terminal specifying a maximum of five countries (the fifth country may be “ALL” in order to allow the widest opportunity for Space-A air travel). This record may be changed at any time to include adding or deleting countries to which a passenger desire to travel, but the Julian date and time will be adjusted to the date of the latest change. No passenger may have two or more records with separate information; however, you may sign up at several departure terminals in order to improve your chances for selection for air travel. This may change in the near future if “round-trip sign-up or one-time sign up” is approved. For example, in the Mid-Atlantic States Area you can sign up at McGuire AFB, Baltimore/Washington IAP, Andrews AFB and Dover AFB for air travel to Central Europe and the Near East Area.