What fees will Space-A passengers be required to pay?

There are no fees for departure or arrival at U.S. Military Airports/Stations on U.S. military aircraft. For all Space-A Air passengers departing CONUS, Alaska or Hawaii, the following International Head tax and Federal Inspection Service (FIS) Fees were put in effect August, 2014: International Head tax fee: $17.20, FIS fee: $12.50.

The tax is $8.60 for domestic segments that begin or end in Alaska or Hawaii (applies to departures only). Example 1: Departing continental U.S. for Hawaii or Alaska, each passenger is charged $8.60. Example 2: Departing Alaska or Hawaii, destined for continental U.S., each passenger is charged $8.60.

For Space-A travel within the continental U.S. on commercial contract missions, the tax is $3.90 for each domestic segment. Example 1: Departing Norfolk and destined for Jacksonville, each passenger is charged $3.90. Example 2: Departing Norfolk and destined for Scott AFB with a stop at Jacksonville, this will be two segments and total charge will be $7.80.

All Military Space-A Air passengers departing on commercial contract missions inbound to the United States must pay a $5.50 U.S. Customs Fee, a $7.00 Immigration Fee, a $5.00 Agricultural Inspection Fee and a $1.00-$4.50 Passenger Facility Charge assessed by an airport for airport improvements. Some foreign country departure terminals may also collect a departure tax: please contact your Passenger Service representative at your planned departure terminal for more details. Please note that all commercial airline passengers pay these taxes and fees in the price of their airline tickets. Payment for these fees must be in United States Dollar Currency or via personal check in U.S. Dollars.