What information do you provide for each Space-A arrival/destination installation?


Official Name of Arrival or Departure Location/Station

6 position alphanumeric Military Living® Base ID code (e.g. AL15R2) NOTE: In a few cases (e.g. at Pittsburgh International Airport), two separate units offering Space-A services are situated at the same location. Such units are assigned the same 6 position Base ID code followed by an a/b suffix.

ICAO/IATA – (four-letter ICAO Location Identifier/three-letter IATA Location Identifier). NOTE: In some cases, no IATA code has been assigned to a location and only the ICAO code is provided.


Space-A Phone Number: Commercial, DSN and/or fax phone numbers to contact Space-A support personnel at installation.

Flight Recording: Some installations offer recordings via provided phone number describing upcoming Space-A travel opportunities, registration procedures, and other information valuable to the Space-A traveler. This field provides Commercial and/or DSN phone numbers to access Flight Recording.

Terminal Phone: Commercial and/or DSN phone numbers.

Terminal Website: When available, the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or Internet address of the website offered by the Space-A installation to provide travelers with Space-A related information and updates.

Space-A Email: Email address for Space-A contact.

Space-A Facebook: When available, the official Installation Space-A Facebook page and/or unofficial Space-A Group Facebook page. Please note that Space-A Group Facebook pages that require group membership are NOT official U.S. DOD Facebook pages, but are provided for the convenience of the Space-A traveler. Any information gained from unofficial Facebook sources should be regarded with due caution by the Space-A traveler.

Space-A Twitter: Some locations offer updates and information via Twitter. In those cases, we have provided the Space-A Twitter account name.


Flight Frequency and Destination: Provides list of flights to typical destinations and how often Space-A opportunities are available. When possible, these have been categorized as Weekly, Monthly or Infrequently and are organized alphabetically by destination within those categories. Otherwise, appropriate other comments have been provided. Please see “Scheduled Routes and Missions” below for more detailed information.

Flights Originating from This Destination: Any regular flights originating from this Space-A installation (as opposed to transient flights originating elsewhere, but stopping at this destination).


Registration Info: May include registration hours, locations, commercial, DSN and/or fax phone numbers, instructions, and any other information relating to the Space-A registration process specific to this location.

Baggage Limitation by Aircraft: Self explanatory.


Directions to Main Installation: Here you’ll find specific driving instructions to the arrival/departure location/station from local major cities, interstate/national/state/country highways and routes. More than one routing may be provided.

Directions to Space-A Terminal: Driving instructions from installation gate(s) to Air Terminal.

Terminal Address: Air Terminal mailing address.

Terminal Hours of Operation: Self explanatory.

Passenger Lounge, Amenities and Refreshments: General information about available lounge facilities. General: Locations, hours, telephone number(s), facilities and services. Family: (also known as “special category” lounges) location, hours, telephone number(s), services and restrictions. Distinguished Visitor/Very Important Person (DV/VIP): Location, hours, telephone number(s), facilities, and services. Grades served. Protocol Service: Location, hours, telephone number(s), facilities and services. Grades served. Snack and soft-drink vending, in-flight kitchens, snack bars etc. located within the Air Terminal building. Availability of Internet access/Wi-Fi and if it’s provided free of charge or requires payment of fee.


Parking: Availability, fees, and information relating to short and/or long-term parking.

Most Frequented Nearby Civilian Airport: Name and ICAO/IATA codes of the airport most frequently used to travel by commercial air to/from this installation.



Support Summary: All information relating to support not covered elsewhere. This may include distances from Passenger Terminal to various support/retail facilities, nearby military installations where additional support is available, etc.


Other Information: GPS coordinates of Passenger Terminal, LST (Local Standard Time) relative to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and comments relating to travel to/from this destination not covered elsewhere. Applicable Customs and Port of Entry comments will also be found here.


Recent Air Mobility Command (AMC) scheduled destinations have been listed under the “Flight Frequency and Destinations” element at the originating arrival/departure stations for easy reference and use. These scheduled destinations originate largely in the CONUS. A limited number of AMC destinations originate in OCONUS and selected Foreign Countries (where AMC aircraft are stationed). It is important to note that these flights travel from their originating or home station on a mission/trip, stopping at a few to many stations en route for varied periods of time (from a few hours to overnight to several days or more). In almost all cases these flights return to the originating or home station. If the originating station is not located on or near a CONUS coast, then the flights tend to “stage” stop for an overnight crew rest at a coastal base in CONUS before continuing overseas on their missions. The limited number of flights which do not immediately return to their home station, remain overseas at a station for staging to participate in a future mission or for scheduled maintenance and return to service. There may be any number of missions flown over an established AMC Route. In addition to these scheduled flights there are many non-scheduled flights that operate daily around the world. Information regarding these flights can be obtained from major departure locations in CONUS and OCONUS anywhere from as little as several hours to as much as a week in advance of the mission.

NOTE: These destinations are presented to give you a good idea of Space-Available Air destinations at a given air passenger terminal. This current edition shows the originating station and recent destinations (rather than the entire mission as in previous editions), due to changes in AMC security as a result of 9/11. Because of these security measures, the AMC flight schedules and routes are not released far in advance (72 hours or less is generally standard). Call the recording line or Space-A servicing personnel at the departing installation Passenger Service unit for the most up-to-date scheduled departure and destination information.

* * * IMPORTANT NOTE * * *

Scheduled flights of Military Services (U.S. ARMY, U.S. NAVY, U.S. MARINE CORPS, U.S. COAST GUARD and U.S. AIR FORCE) on Service owned and operated aircraft and contractor furnished and operated aircraft often change with respect to destinations and schedules, with very limited prior notice. Many of the CONUS, OCONUS, and Foreign Country routes have been flown for more than 60 years with constant modification of various elements to meet the needs of the Uniformed Services and other supported United States Interests. This publication provides a snapshot in time (or a profile) of typical information one would expect to find concerning destinations and frequency.

We urge you to always telephone, fax, e-mail, or visit your intended Space-A departure location prior to registering for Space-A travel in order to obtain the latest available information.