FMWR Brings Back Tour Services in Stuttgart Germany



Tour Services in Stuttgart Germany
MWR Tour to Prague scheduled for November 24-26, 2017

FMWR Brings Back Tour Services in Stuttgart Germany – The MWR Tour Office is now open to help community members plan the perfect tour during their stay in the Stuttgart military community, whether it is a tour on a holiday or a personalized group tour.

“The community now has an opportunity to travel options they haven’t had since USO stopped offering tours last year,” said MWR Tours manager Kimberly Reid. “MWR Tours will facilitate personalized group tours for 10 or more participants, have planned tours, which will be held throughout the year on training holiday weekends, as well as day trips for everyone.”

MWR Tours is open to all authorized ID holders, their family members and guests. If you are planning a trip to Germany, be sure to check out some of the exciting trips MWR Tours has scheduled this month and into the Holiday Season! Click the link below for access to the full story!

Source: FMWR brings tour services back to Stuttgart

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