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Solar Eclipse Travel Planning for August 21, 2017

Solar eclipses generate a lot of interest for seekers wishing to catch a glimpse of the phenomena! And why wouldn’t it? It is just one of those things that is awesome to experience! With the help of, we have tried to provide you a list of locations that are feasible and possible Military Lodging or Military RV Camping options.

Please remember, however, that this is just a list of locations that we compiled for your traveling convenience! Availability of reservations must be secured with the location you are traveling to, and can be easily referenced by clicking the active link for the location highlighted in the article. Exact times are not known, but we did try to provide the best estimate according to the NASA map link provided in the original source article. Please refer to local area information for more details.

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Happy Solar Eclipse Seeking!

Location Path from Oregon to South Carolina

Oregon: Military lodging is available at Camp Rilea Billeting or Camp Rilea AFTC Cabins, approximately 100 miles northwest of the northern most point of the eclipse in McMinnville, where it will be visible for 56 seconds.Time: 10:20 PDT estimated time of day.

Idaho: Horseshoe Bend is approximately 35 miles north of Gowen Field Billeting or Gowen Field RV Park where it is visible for 1:13 or in Idaho City for 47 seconds, which is approximately 40 miles northeast. Mountain Home AFB is approximately 80 miles southwest of Idaho City and 85 miles southeast of Horseshoe Bend and offers lodging at the Sagebrush Inn or camping at Mountain Home AFB FamCamp. Time: 11:30 MDT estimated time of day.

Wyoming: Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton Mountains, which are near the Yellowstone Country Trailers in Moran, WY, are approximately 55 miles north of Teton Village where the eclipse is visible for 2:20. Further east in Guernsey, where the eclipse is visible for 2:14, is Camp Guernsey Billeting at the Joint Training Center. Accommodations at Francis E Warren AFB Air Force Inn or the DA Russell FamCamp are approximately 100 miles south of Guernsey. Time: 11:40 MDT estimated time of day.

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Nebraska: Scottsbluff, where the eclipse is visible for 1:40, is approximately 100 miles northeast of lodging at Frances E Warren AFB, WY (see links above). Camp Ashland Recreation Area and the Camp Ashland Inn are approximately 40 miles north of Palmyra, NE, where the eclipse can be seen for 1:29. Offutt AFB Offutt Inns and the Offutt AFB FamCamp are approximately 60 miles north of Lorton, NE, where the eclipse can be seen for 1:25 Traveling an additional 14 miles south from Lorton to Tecumseh, NE, will net an additional minute of viewing as it is expected to be visible for 2:28 in Tecumseh.Time: 11:50 MDT estimated time of day.

Kansas: Fort Leavenworth and the Fort Leavenworth IHG Hotels are approximately 55 miles southeast of Highland and Troy, KS, where the eclipse can be seen for 2:38. These two cities are located in the centerline and are views that are as good as one can get. Of course, the eclipse passes over Fort Leavenworth as well, where it can be viewed for 1:33. Time: 1:00 CDT estimated time of day.

Missouri: From Whiteman AFB lodging, Concordia is a short 22 miles north and the eclipse can be seen for 2:12. But traveling an additional 29 miles east to Marshall lands travelers in the centerline of the eclipse with an additional 27 seconds of viewing. Jefferson City offers eclipse viewing for 2:29 and billeting at the Missouri National Guard Headquarters. A short 30 mile drive north to Columbia puts viewers right in the centerline and a 2:37 view of the eclipse. Lake of the Ozarks Recreation Area is also about 55 miles south of Jefferson City. Time: 1:10 CDT estimated time of day.

Illinois: Freeburg, IL is a short 12 miles south of Scott AFB which offers accommodations at The Scott Inn or the Scott AFB FamCamp, and provides a 1:11 viewing of the eclipse. Traveling an additional 10 miles south to New Athens will net an additional 37 seconds of viewing for a total of 1:48. The Sparta Training Center Billeting in Sparta, IL is close to several viewing locations. Marissa provides a 1:55 and is 10 miles north. Coulterville is a quick seven miles and also provides 1:55. But just 20 miles south of Sparta is Chester, IL, which is in the centerline of the eclipse and provides 2:40 of viewing. And best of all, Sparta itself offers 2:17 of viewing. Time: 1:20 CDT estimated time of day.

Kentucky: The Wendall R Ford Joint Training Center in Greenville offers lodging and a 1:44 viewing of the eclipse. Twenty-three miles west to St Charles, KY offers a 2:22 view, and traveling just an additional 20 miles west of St Charles to Princeton, KY places travelers in the centerline of the eclipse with a 2:40 view. Fort Campbell IHG Hotels are approximately 45 miles southeast of Princeton, but Hopkinsville is about 20 miles north and also is in the centerline of the eclipse with a total view time of 2:40, with nearby Pembroke and Trenton providing 2:39 of view time. Clarksville, TN is just 13 miles southeast of Fort Campbell and shows the eclipse for 2:18. Eagle’s Rest RV Park and Fletchers Fort RV Park and Cabins are also available through Fort Campbell.Time: 1:20-1:30 CDT estimated time of day.

Tennessee: The Smyrna Training Center is approximately 25 south of Gallatin, TN, where the eclipse in traveling through on the centerline and can be viewed for 2:40. Nashville is on the southern portion of the eclipse line and viewers in this area should travel north for the best view. McMinnville, with a view time of 1:46, is approximately 35 miles northeast of Arnold AFB and the Wingo Inn or Arnold FamCamp and Crockett Cove Cabins. Traveling an additional 20 miles northeast to Sparta, however, is right in the centerline and provides a 2:39 viewing of the eclipse.Time: 1:30 CDT estimated time of day.

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Georgia: Camp Frank D Merrill lodging is located approximately 70 miles southwest of Dillard, GA, which is along the centerline and provides a 2:38 view, similarly in Sky Valley just a few miles northeast of Dillard. Ten miles south of Dillard in Tiger, the eclipse can be viewed for 2:31. Approximately 45 miles north in Young Harris, GA, the eclipse can be viewed for 2:19. Time: 2:40 EDT estimated time of day.

North Carolina: The eclipse passes through a small section of the most western portion of North Carolina. No military lodging facilities are available within a reasonable drive.Time: 2:30 EDT estimated time of day.

South Carolina: From Clarks Hill Training Center billeting and Clarks Hill RV and Camping, the southernmost part of the eclipse begins to show in Edgefield, approximately 25 miles northeast. For a better view, travelers are encouraged to continue heading northeast in the direction of Saluda, where the eclipse is viewable for 2:28. Lexington and the Congaree Swamp are both along the centerline providing 2:36 and 2:34 of viewing respectively. South Congaree is approximately 20 miles from Fort Jackson lodging, Legion Landing Cottages and  Weston Lake RV Recreation Area, while Lexington is about 30 miles west of Fort Jackson. McCrady Training Center is approximately 25 miles east of South Congaree. Shaw AFB accommodations at Carolina Pines and Falcon’s Nest FamCamp are 17 miles northeast of Eastover, where the eclipse can be viewed for 2:25. Fort Jackson and Weston Lake are also a short 14 miles from Eastover. JB Charleston Short Stay Recreation Area at Moncks Corner, located on Lake Moultrie, is a prime location as Lake Moultrie is on the centerline of the eclipse and visible for 1:38. McClellanville, which is approximately 45 miles northeast of Charleston AFB lodging and RV Camping, is along the centerline of the eclipse and offers 2:33. For a shorter drive and still yet a good view, try Awendaw, which is only 33 miles northeast of Charleston and the Charleston Naval Weapons Station Foster Creek Villas. Time: 2:40 EDT estimated time of day.

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