Here’s Where They Filmed James Bond’s ‘No Time to Die’


James Bond movies always feature daring action, remarkable cars, and gorgeous locations. The new Bond movie, No Time to Die, is sure to give viewers some travel inspiration for their upcoming trips! Here is a list of locations where the movie was filmed, so you know where to travel for your own exciting adventure.

Frommer’s ~ ” Daniel Craig’s fifth and final go-round as James Bond, No Time to Die, was pulled from its scheduled release in early 2020 and got shelved while the worst of the pandemic raged. But like our appetite for travel, Bond is back and fiercer than ever. The 25th installment in the franchise has our passports hungry for new stamps once again. We will not spill any plot details in this list—Bond fans will only be spoiled for choice of great vacation destination ideas.

Photo by Matthew Wiebe on Unsplash

The government of Norway reportedly subsidized production costs of $5.4 million to get No Time to Die to film there. We’d have chosen these spots for free: Judging by the trailer, Langvann, a lake near the village of Nittedal north of Oslo, appears to be the locale for some chilling ice swimming. Bond’s trusty Aston Martin is said to test the 5-mile Atlantic Ocean Road […] which nimbly skips across needle-thin Nordic islands through a stomach-juggling series of undulating bridges and causeways. If any road ever seemed custom-designed for a good, hair-raising Bond chase scene, it’s this one.

As seen in the preview, Bond leaps off Ponte Acquedotto, a two-tiered Roman bridge below Gravina, a town in Puglia in southern Italy. Don’t blink, because it appears that shots of the bridge are intercut with other shots from elsewhere in southern Italy. There’s some dramatic vehicular action in the ancient white-stone settlement of Matera […] which is famous for hundreds of cave dwellings cut into its rocks and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site—so all those bullets flying in the trailer better not be real.

Bond attempts a short-lived retirement on this Caribbean island. Filming was in Port Antonio on the northeast coast; pictured above is Winnifred Beach, a popular spot just east of there. 007’s creator, Ian Fleming, had a real-life private estate, GoldenEye, that was about 50 miles west of here—it’s now a luxury resort.” ~ Frommer’s 

For the rest of the filming locations from No Time to Die, click the link below.

Source: Here’s Where They Filmed James Bond’s “No Time to Die” | Frommer’s

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