How To Spend The Perfect Long Weekend In Juneau, Alaska


Juneau is the capital of Alaska. While it may be small, it’s full of amazing opportunities for wildlife viewing, enjoying delicious food, and learning about local culture! The size of this tiny city makes it perfect to explore during a long weekend. Here are some activities to enjoy during your weekend getaway to Juneau!

Travel Awaits ~ ” Juneau, located along the beautiful Gastineau Channel and at the foot of Mount Juneau and Mount Roberts, is the one state U.S. capital accessible only by sea and air. You can arrive either by plane or ship. If arriving by plane, I recommend the airport taxi to downtown. The Capital Transit City Bus also services the airport, but your luggage needs to fit under the seat.

Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

Tour AJ Mine Gastineau Mill Tour
Learn about Juneau’s gold mining history with the AJ Mine Gastineau Mill Tour, once the world’s largest producing gold mine. Begin the tour underground on a boardwalk through the 360-foot tunnel. Above ground, wander amongst the vintage mining equipment and learn about the gold rush techniques. Enjoy panning for gold and shopping in the unique gift store. The tour is wheelchair accessible.

Meet Patsy Ann: The Official Greeter Of Juneau
Stroll the Boardwalk and meet Patsy Ann, the state greeter. The dog statue honors a little deaf terrier dog named Patsy Ann, who, for over 13 years, would come down to the waterfront daily to greet the ships and tourists. Local legend is that if you pet her, you will have good luck.

Savor The Culinary Scene
Sample the delicacies of Alaskan Cuisine on the Juneau Food Tour. Our guide introduced the tour with “Our food is our way of life. It is who we are!” Visit Tracy’s Crab Shack for the famous crab bisque and King Crab Legs. Taste kelp salsa, caribou, and buffalo sausage at The Salmon Shop. McGivney’s Sports Bar And Grill is the place to catch up on all your favorite games and sports. Be sure to order the famous hog wings. ” ~ Travel Awaits

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Source: The Best Things To Do And Places To Stay In Juneau, Alaska – TravelAwaits

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Enjoy a long weekend trip in Juneau, Alaska!

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