Known Traveler Number: What It Is And Why You Should Have One


If you plan on taking multiple trips in the upcoming year, it is highly recommended that you go through the process of acquiring a Known Traveler Number, also referred to at a KTN. This number will expedite your airport experience, meaning you can avoid some of the inevitable delays that come with air travel. Read on to learn where and how you can get a KTN!

The Points Guy ~ ” What is a Known Traveler Number?
Depending on which Trusted Traveler Program you join through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security site, your KTN is your membership number and main link to access lanes for programs such as TSA PreCheck and Global Entry. The number is issued when you have been approved for one of these programs.

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Why do you want a Known Traveler Number?
When you enroll in a Trusted Traveler Program and add your KTN to an airline reservation, you’ll receive access to TSA’s PreCheck security screening lanes. If you only have TSA PreCheck, that KTN does not give you access to Global Entry. Having a KTN helps create a better travel experience, as it typically results in less intrusive screenings and less time waiting in lines.

How to get a Known Traveler Number
There are several ways to get a KTN through different Trusted Traveler programs, each of which requires submitting an application. For all programs, you must also set up an in-person interview at an enrollment center or a participating airport. Each program has a fee and is valid for five years.

Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that allows travelers who are designated by the U.S. government as low risk to use faster customs lines when returning to the U.S. from abroad. The fee for an application to this program is $100.

TSA PreCheck offers fast-tracked security screenings at hundreds of airports across the U.S. Through this program, flyers usually don’t need to remove shoes, laptops, liquids, belts or light jackets. Certain other programs, such as Global Entry, NEXUS and SENTRI, provide TSA PreCheck as an added benefit. While many people opt to enroll in Global Entry, NEXUS or SENTRI to also take advantage of TSA PreCheck, those who rarely travel outside the U.S., don’t have a passport, want to spend less on a Trusted Traveler Program may find more value in joining TSA PreCheck. The application fee for this program is $85.” ~ The Points Guy 

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Source: Known traveler number: What it is, what it does and why you should have one

**Please note: Due to the impact of COVID-19 on travel, we encourage people to always plan trips in accordance with the guidance provided by government and health officials.

Get a known traveler number to expedite air travel!

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