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4 thoughts on “Army Lodging-Garmisch

  1. I would like to know where we can find out how to change the requirements to stay at this hotel that is suppose to be a military hotel. Retires are not allowed to stay while visiting Germany. We put in our time and can’t stay on military bases or use their facilities overseas. Is there a place where we can try to change this?

    1. Good morning! The policies of the Army Lodging at Garmisch are governed by the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) between Germany and the US. Previously, persons who were not authorized to stay at this facility were being allowed access in contradiction to the SOFA. The German government realized this and insisted on compliance.

  2. I read on some other sites that retirees were not allowed to book until after being in Germany after 30 days. Makes it kind of tough on those that might still be working, and not have 40 days of vacation a year, or those on a budget, that can’t afford to spend the first 30 days in Germany before they can use MWR rec housing in Germany. If you know, where I could complain to, pleas provide me their name and address. Thanks
    CAPTAIN Bruce Hartwell, USN-Re

    1. This issue is governed by the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and other treaties between the US and Germany. To suggest a change in the SOFA and other relevant treaties, contact your Congressional Representative, Senator, and/or the White House. If you are a member any lobbying organizations such as the MOAA, AFA, or AFSA you could also contact them requesting this matter be included as part of their lobbying efforts. Best wishes!

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