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COVID RESTRICTIONS: Accepting reservations for those on Orders/TDY/PCS only at this time, no leisure travel, until further notice. Contact Front Desk for more information.


4 thoughts on “Fort MacArthur Inn

  1. This is the same old room in the same ancient place and it went up 65% as of Nov 1. I was able to afford this before at 60 to 73 dollars a night but not now. My increase for fixed income went up 1.6% that don’t even come close to their skyrocketing price.

    1. This AF INN is in an expensive COL area but the 65% rate increase is NOT warranted. DoD directed the services to charge rates for lodging that reflect the actual cost of service delivery, thus the HUGE but unwarranted increase. This facility is NOT worth the money they charge for it, nor the inconvenience of its location. To add insult to injury, due to COVID, this facility is currently NOT AVAILABLE to SPACE A customers such as retirees.

      AVOID this AF LINN like the plague!

  2. Perfect location to stay and prepare or recover from CARNIVAL cruise out of Long Beach! Avoiding LA traffic with wonderful restaurants nearby and fresh Fresh seafood!

    Only disadvantage was not allowed to leave POV on base during the cruise.

    Receptionist at check in was super helpful for recommendations of local area which she seemed quite familiar.

  3. The base is a quaint world war ll base. The rooms are nice and clean. Some have a/c most have fans since the base is near the ocean. Very quiet surroundings and secure. Also no elevator to second floor rooms. They do have three bedroom houses that are very nice for families. They have a small PX, pool, and gym. It is close to various attractions and to beaches. All in all it is worth staying there.

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