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2 thoughts on “Fort Wadsworth Guest Quarters

  1. This is a great place to use as a base to explore the greater NYC area. It’s an easy drive (or bus ride) to the dock for the Staten Island Ferry which goes right by the Statue of Liberty on the way to lower Manhattan. To top it off, the ferry ride is free!

  2. The location is great. However, the past two times we stayed there were not pleasant. One time we walked into the house only to find it had not been cleaned. I went back to the office to inform them, and they said if we left for a bit, they would take care of it. We went over to Manhattan, came back and found the house fairly clean with a bottle of sparkling wine left for us. The following day, ants were crawling up the wall from the trash can. I took a picture and emailed it to the office the following day. I assume nothing was done because the next time we visited, the ants had migrated into the living room and were everywhere. They were crawling through the cupboards, even in the coffee maker. One thing I cannot abide is an unclean environment. My house is spotless, and I expect the same from a place I’m renting. Housekeeping needs to be improved upon.

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