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One thought on “Navy Gateway Inns & Suites – Barking Sands PMRF

  1. We stayed in an Ocean View for 4 nights and an Ocean Front for 3 nights during our week stay at Barking Sands. The Ocean View was tired feeling, no central A/C and a very ineffective bedroom A/C. The Ocean Front unit seemed newer and nicer and had much more effective A/C, was roomier, and the deck had a wonderful view of the ocean. In both units the chickens were a real bother, crowing at 0500, sitting on the front deck railings, aggressively storming the cars, the units, etc. Otherwise, access to the beach and to the rest of Kauaii provided a rich and wonderful experience. Oh and the office assistants were so very helpful and cordial. Couldn’t ask for better support for our visit.

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