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3 thoughts on “Navy Lodge – Moffett Federal Airfield

  1. While staying at Navy Lodge Moffet Field, we paid $102 a night for the worst military lodges that we have ever encountered in our many travels. The place had worn out rugs that they chemically cleaned and never aired out. We could not breathe and had to go to another room. The management denied there was anything wrong. I would not recommend this Navy Lodge.

    1. Hi Mr. Dahl – We at Military Living are sorry to hear that your stay at Moffett was not a good one. While not providing comments, others have rated this lodging with high marks. We’d like to think that your experience was an isolated one and hope you will consider giving them a second chance in the future. Thank you for your comments!

      1. The attitude of staff there would make it impossible to ever consider another stay at this place. The man who had the night management mentioned that the odor was strong and after standing in front of the Daytime Lodge Manager denied he said this to my wife and I. When all this is added in, then I will not tolerate the stay. There are many more much finer Navy Lodges than this one.

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