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    1. Hello – 100% disabled vets are authorized to fly on DOD aircraft on a space-available basis. However, this is dependent on the vet’s ability to safely board and exit the particular aircraft without assistance. The crew may provide assistance but is not required to since mission requirements may demand the crew’s undivided attention. Unfortunately, this privilege extends to the 100% disabled vet only – not to that vet’s dependents or primary caregiver.
      As to lodging privileges, there have been new policies implemented as of Jan 1. Every Indication is that 100% DAV and their official caregiver will be able to stay in military lodging on a space-available basis. However, being a new program, we expect a certain amount of confusion and misinformation as it is implemented. So, we highly recommend you call ahead before planning your stay.
      Also, please note that being designated as a primary caregiver for a disabled vet requires certain documentation. Please see the link below for more info. Happy Travels!

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