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5 thoughts on “San Onofre Beach Cottages

  1. Just returned from a week in a San Onofre Beach Cottage. Lovely setting with wide view of open beach, with popular surfing areas on either end of our view.
    The cottage was great; nicely appointed kitchen, flat screen TV, etc. A few additional amenities would increase enjoyment of it: paper towels in the kitchen, Kleenex in the bathroom, and ANY kind of storage in the second bedroom, which is basically a trundle bed, period. There is a closet with 4 hangers that is double-hung, so there is one shelf there, but not a drawer or shelf anywhere in the room. I removed a chair from the dining area to hang and pile clothes on, which worked okay, but actual storage would have been welcome.
    The nearby San Onofre area had a small commissary, an exchange and a Sonic drive-in, which was handy.
    IMPORTANT!: The directions given on Military Living have one glaring error! They are accurate for entering the base at THE SAN ONOFRE GATE, NOT THE MAIN GATE, which is 17 miles south of the San Onofre Gate. So, here’s the deal: From either direction, take Interstate 5 to Exit 71 to the San Onofre Gate. DO NOT EXIT THE INTERSTATE AT EXIT 54B TO THE MAIN GATE. Voice of experience here. Trying to follow the directions from one gate, but entering another resulted in a two-hour unscheduled tour of this huge base! New reservation policies started 8/1/2018. Reservations are taken only on the first four days of the month, with Class 1, Active duty, on the first, class 2 on the second, etc. Example: Being in Class 4, with arrival 10/30, I called on August 4 for my reservation. Personnel on phone and at the cottages were very friendly and efficient. Would certainly return for a future visit!

    1. Good morning! We’ve confirmed and updated both our directions and reservation policies in response to your comments. Thank you for helping us keep our website as up-to-date and accurate as possible. We appreciate your business!

  2. Haven’t been to San O’ other than to just drive through, but have spent lots of time on/near SoCal beaches. Being so close to the water w/ onshore breeze, do they really need A/C??

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