Minnetonka, Minnesota – Featured Military Retirement Location


This week’s Featured Military Retirement Location is Minnetonka, Minnesota! Minnetonka made our 2021 Smart Military Retirement Location Guide™ thanks to its’ very low crime rate, proximity to a Space-A terminal, and ample opportunity for outdoor recreation!

Minnetonka, Minnesota is home to Lake Minnetonka, where retirees can sit back, relax, and enjoy their retirement on the water! Boating, fishing, lake cruises and more are available at this lake, not to mention all of the wonderful lakeside restaurants available at the end of the day. While Minnetonka experiences some extreme Winter weather, rest assured that outdoor activity continues throughout the colder months with dog sledding, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

Photo by Jaime Dantas on Unsplash

The nearest military installation to Minnetonka is Fort McCoy, 194 miles away. Here, retirees can access an exchange, a commissary, a MWR office, and more! While this military installation is farther away than many of our other locations from the 2021 Smart Military Retirement Location Guide™, retirees can still enjoy quick access to a Space-A terminal, American Legion, VFW and VA clinic.

Minnetonka, Minnesota is one of the more than 120 locations listed in our 2021 Smart Military Retirement Location Guide™. Filled with locations chosen based on data relevant to military retirees, our 2021 Smart Military Retirement Location Guide™ will help you find the location best suited for your ideal retirement. For more information and to purchase our guide, click here.

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