National Parks That Are Spectacular In Spring


Spring has sprung throughout the country! Certain National Parks become even more beautiful and serene with the change of seasons. Here are 8 National Parks that have come alive this Spring!

The Points Guy ~ ” Yellowstone National Park
The second most visited national park in the entire system, Yellowstone needs no introduction, yet the park’s spring beauty remains far less well known. To see all the park’s highlights, you’ll want to plan your visit for mid-April when the main roads reopen. For those who want to go earlier, however, Mammoth Hot Springs and its historic hotel remains open year-round and is a popular destination in winter. April is also when the bears emerge from their dens, many with their ridiculously cute cubs in tow, and migrating birds bring the woods and meadows alive with their song. Love baby animals? May is calving season for bison, moose, elk and pronghorn.

Photo by Aamyr on Unsplash

Arches National Park
Photographers know to visit Arches National Park in spring, when the ochre and vermillion formations of eroded sandstone are made even more vivid by the surrounding greenery. Temperature is another reason to visit now as summer can be brutal in the southern Utah desert, with temperatures heading north of 100 degrees starting in mid-May. At just 80,000 acres, Arches is one of the most manageable of the southwestern red rock parks, with its most popular features such as Delicate Arch, Double Arch and the Windows Section accessible from the park’s main road. Temperatures in the spring are low enough to make longer hikes like the 2-mile out-and-back to the rock towers of Park Avenue and the 7.2 Devils Garden Primitive Loop perfectly comfortable.

Zion National Park
Spring is waterfall season in Zion, when the Virgin River roars through the canyon and seasonal tributaries tumble down the canyon walls. The famed Emerald Pools are a wonder at any time of year, but in spring the misty 110 foot cascade widens into a curtain of water that catches the light in a halo of rainbows. More waterfalls plunge from the 1,000-foot walls of Parunuweap Canyon. Hiiking is ideal this time of year, when temperatures are in the 70s and the ochre and crimson cliffs are particularly photogenic against the bright green foliage of freshly budded cottonwoods.” ~ The Points Guy

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Source: 8 national parks that are spectacular in spring

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Enjoy beautiful Spring views in these National Parks!

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