Oktoberfest Express Trips – Germany MWR Programs


Oktoberfest Express Trips - Germany

Hey Oktoberfest lovers! Check out these MWR Outdoor Recreation Oktoberfest Express Trips planned for the 184th Oktoberfest in Munich this weekend! Tickets and reservations for September 30 – October 1 are still available! Click on the links below to find out about how you can experience the real deal this weekend!

Oktoberfest MWR Express Trips – Germany:

Baumholder Community – Oktoberfest Express ODR

Grafenwoehr Community – Wild B.O.A.R. Recreation Services

Kaiserslautern Community – Oktoberfest Express ODR

Ramstein AFB – Club E’ Oktoberfest*

Spangldahlem Air Base – Oktoberfest Overnight Trip


*This event is a planned Oktoberfest on base

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