Oktoberfest MWR Events Planned At Many Bases


Oktoberfest MWR

Oktoberfest celebrations are just one of those events people love! And rightfully so! Kicking off the Fall season with good friends, food and beverages is a pretty good time! Happily, Oktoberfest MWR events abound, offering the chance to participate at many military locations.

We scoured MWR and FSS websites to find out when and where you might find an event on base near you! Unfortunately, some locations hosted their events earlier this week or last week, but we were able to find quite a few that are scheduled for September 29th and into early and mid-October. Check out our list below and see if an MWR Oktoberfest is near you!

Alabama: Fort Rucker Oktoberfest September 29th

California: Fort Hunter Liggett Oktoberfest October 7th; March ARB Oktoberfest October 14th; Port Hueneme Burbank Beer Festival Oktoberfest October 21st

Dist of Columbia: JB Anacostia-Bolling Oktoberfest at Slip Inn September 29th

Florida: Eglin AFB Oktoberfest October 6th; Panama City NS Oktoberfest at Main Deck Pub & Grill October 6th

Georgia: Fort Benning Oktoberfest October 20th; Moody AFB Oktoberfest at The Club October 13th

Hawaii: Fort Shafter Rocktober Fest September 30th; Kaneohe Bay MCB Oktoberfest October 5th

Illinois: Great Lakes NTC Oktoberfest at Legends October 7th

Kansas: Fort Leavenworth Oktoberfest at Merritt Lake September 29th

Maryland: Aberdeen Proving Ground Oktoberfest September 28-30th; Andrews AFB Oktoberfest September 29th

Mississippi: Keesler AFB Oktoberfest October 20th

Missouri: Fort Leonard Wood Oktoberfest October 7th

Nebraska: Offutt AFB Oktoberfest at Patriot Club October 13th

New York: Fort Drum Oktoberfest at the Commons October 4th

Oklahoma: Fort Sill Oktoberfest October 29th

South Carolina: Shaw AFB Shawtoberfest October 7th

Texas: Fort Hood Oktoberfest October 14th; Fort Worth NS Oktoberfest September 29th; Kingsville NAS Oktoberfest October 6th; Sheppard AFB Oktoberfest October 6th

Washington: Fairchild AFB Oktoberfest October 7th and weekend ITT trip October 13th

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