Paddle Through Florida’s Bioluminescent Waters


Paddle through Florida’s bioluminescent waters? You bet! Florida’s Space Coast is one of few places that offers the opportunity to experience bioluminescence, when waters come alive in bright glowing hues. The phenomenon, which most commonly occurs during the summer months, turns the area’s rivers and lagoons into a glowing paradise that travelers can kayak and paddleboard through.

One of the most unforgettable ways to experience the scene is with see-through kayaks, which companies like Get Up and Go Kayaking offer to allow kayakers to glide right over the bioluminescence and ignite it as they paddle, getting an up-close view the entire ride. The best time to catch the phenomenon is from May through November, with the brightest displays arriving after 9 p.m, but be sure to check the lunar calendar when planning tours, as the best views arrive five days after a full moon when the nights are darkest between July and September.

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florida's bioluminescent waters
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Paddle Through Florida’s Bioluminescent Waters

florida's biolouminescent waters

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