Space-A Warrior Base Intel Report

Entrance sign to NAS JRB Fort Worth, Texas. Photo by Bill Howard.
Entrance sign to NAS JRB Fort Worth, Texas. Photo by Bill Howard.

This base is located in the northwest area of Fort Worth, Texas, and sits adjacent to Lake Worth.

As one drives  through the main gate at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, he enters Military Parkway. The office for Navy Gateway Inn and Suites is located close to the main gate and to the right. Adjacent to the office is a spacious lounge which has a large screen TV, restrooms, and coffee.

Lodging here costs $50 per night and there are rooms in the building where the office is located. Not far from this place, and on the left-hand side of Military Parkway, are more rooms in several large buildings off Davison Drive. In fact, the service station is located in front of them so they aren’t hard to find in case one is assigned a room in one of these buildings.

Navy Gateway Inn and Suites at NAS JRB Fort Worth. Photo by Bill Howard.
Navy Gateway Inn and Suites at NAS JRB Fort Worth. Photo by Bill Howard.

We stayed one night at the beginning of our trip and one night after the trip ended before driving home. The rooms are suites and consist of two rooms. One contains a bed and TV while the other one has a sofa and coffee table; small table and chairs; small desk and chair; and TV. There is a microwave, a refrigerator, and a coffee maker. The rooms all have Wi-Fi. The bathroom is located in between.

Instead of turning left at the end of Military Parkway, if one turns right on Carswell Avenue and keeps going, he will come to Meandering Road. Bear to the left and this becomes a pleasant drive which skirts Lake Worth and passes the Navy Lodge. This road leads into Hensley Drive which leads back to Carswell Avenue. Basically, they form a loop so it is hard for one to get lost. The Commissary and Base Exchange are located close to the corner of Military Parkway and Carswell Avenue.

As one enters the base, he encounters all type of aircraft – both fixed wing and rotary – displayed along the main road on both sides. An artillery piece and thermonuclear bomb are included among the military aircraft. I enjoyed walking among them, reading the plaques and taking photos.

A 1967 Air Force F-4 Phantom sits on display on the grounds of NAS JRB Fort Worth, Texas. Photo by Bill Howard.
A 1967 Air Force F-4 Phantom sits on display on the grounds of NAS JRB Fort Worth, Texas. Photo by Bill Howard.

Getting to the Passenger Terminal is easy. Just drive all the way to the end of Military Parkway until it dead ends and turn left. This puts one on Carswell Avenue and the terminal is located at the end in Building 1422. Long-term parking is located just to the left side, as one faces the terminal, beyond two large yellow barriers. Compared to the one at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, this terminal is somewhat small but sufficient.

When it was time for boarding, a van appeared and took the passengers to the aircraft. On our flight, it had to make several trips to retrieve all of the passengers.

A U.S. Marine UH-34D helicopter on display at NAS JRB Fort Worth, Texas. (Photos provided by Bill Howard)
A U.S. Marine UH-34D helicopter on display at NAS JRB Fort Worth, Texas. Photos provided by Bill Howard.

Our C-40A reminded me of a Southwest Airlines aircraft. There was no first class area and the seats were in rows of six with an aisle in between. There was more space in between the seats than on a commercial liner.

The aircraft did seem to be a little colder than a commercial liner so it’s advisable to bring a jacket.

Members of the navy flight crew came down the aisle with a cart selling cold drinks, candy, and small packages of crackers for 75 cents per item. Coffee and water were free and could be obtained at the front and rear of the aircraft. There was a microwave at the rear for the passengers to use in case they had food that needed to be heated. Restrooms were located at the front and rear.

If one travels Space A and has a choice of aircraft, the C-40A should be it.

PO1 Bill Howard
U.S. Coast Guard Reserve
Retired, Montgomery, Texas

Reprint from R&R Travel News™ Mar-Apr 2012 • Volume 42, No. 2