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U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Richard Lehman, an avionics specialist with the 734th Air Mobility Squadron, marshals a C-17 Globemaster III aircraft at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, Nov. 15, 2013, before it departs for a mission in support of Operation Damayan in Tacloban, Philippines. U.S. military forces were deployed to the Philippines to support humanitarian efforts in response to Typhoon Haiyan. (DoD photo by Senior Airman Marianique Santos, U.S. Air Force/Released) via Wikimedia Commons.


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One thought on “Andersen Air Force Base (Joint Region Marianas)

  1. We landed at Andersen AFB on a C-17 from Hickam. First lesson: my stateside cellphone did NOT work there. (We later purchased a local pre-paid phone at the Exchange. WORTH IT!)
    Operations at the AMC were smooth. The only snag was that the on-site car rental, um, had no cars! I hadn’t called in advance but should’ve. The AMC had a phone available for local calls which helped greatly since, again, my phone was nothing more than a paperweight. A nice couple shared a cab with us to the Guam International Airport where we rented a car there. Turns out there was a Chinese holiday and the influx of travelers meant fewer available cars.
    We stayed the first couple of nights at Andersen Gateway Inns and Suites in a FANTASTIC suite complete with laundry, full kitchen and really just more than we’d ever need. Across the yard walking distance was a Burger King so grabbing a quick breakfast was easy.
    At check-in, we were informed that more troops were en route for a training exercise and rooms would soon be scarce. At the time, President Trump had moved troops and aircraft strategically as a show of force during tense moments with North Korea. We witnessed those efforts in the form of plenty of B-52 bombers at Andersen.
    We checked out a couple of days later, flew commercial to Saipan where we stayed 2 nights and enjoyed an historic day trip to Tinian thanks to a 15-minute flight in an even smaller aircraft.
    Upon return to Guam, we visited the Navy Gateway Inns & Suites on the Guam Naval Base to see if we could stay there but they had no rooms.
    We took our chances and returned to Andersen. Again, we scored a room. This one was simpler, no laundry but still was a suite with a kitchen and, again, more than we needed. We settled in for the night, hubby recovering from a bloody brush with a WWII tank in the waters of Saipan (yes, that tank!) and a trip to the ER there. We didn’t relax long. Turns out we wouldn’t need the room that night after all.
    One last peek at the Space-A slides showed the flight we hoped to make the next morning had been moved to THAT NIGHT! We made a beeline to the AMC, checked in for that flight, made a stop by the Commissary for snacks (which was CRAZY because it was Superbowl Sunday!) and quickly packed our bags and got ready to check out and return the rental car.
    We made that flight and ended up back in Hickam where we relived Superbowl Sunday thanks to the time difference!
    The surrounding beach areas of Andersen are lovely! The location is convenient. On Guam, nothing’s too far anyway. The staff at the terminal were helpful and efficient. We even made use of the base library to go online and print out information we needed for upcoming travels. We had no problems here and would gladly go again.
    Blue Skies,
    Robin and LCDR Marcus W. Stewart, Jr. (USN, Ret.)
    P.S. Photo is of baggage claim in Andersen AMC terminal.

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