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Charleston Air Force Base/Joint Base Charleston


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2 thoughts on “Charleston Air Force Base/Joint Base Charleston

  1. Wonderful facility, especially the professional service provided by Mr Livingston. His work makes Charleston one of the best pax facilities in the world.

  2. Hello,
    Recently we used the new terminal at Charleston due to the upgrade of the existing terminal. It serves it’s purpose but the walk from the long term parking to the terminal should be addressed. The most direct route from the parking lot to the terminal you have to walk thru a lot of grass and sand. There should be a paved walk way for people with luggage that are on rollers. If this one thing was done it would be great, especially for older retirees that travel Space-A. Or if the returning passenger bus could drop off at the parking lot instead of at the terminal they would not have to walk back to their car with luggage. Other that that it was great going in and out of Charleston, the airmen are top notch in their attitude and respect shown to traveling passengers. The temporary terminal is comfortable with clean waiting area and restrooms.
    Thank you

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