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Boeing VC-25 29000 (Air Force One), with President Barack Obama aboard, arrives April 2, 2015, during a scheduled two-day visit by the president to Hill Air Force Base and Salt Lake City, Utah. (U.S. Air Force photo by Todd Cromar via Wikimedia Commons.)


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2 thoughts on “Hill Air Force Base

  1. (From local area, USAF retiree from Hill AFB): Only sporadic (maybe 30/mo?) Cat. 6 seats limited mostly to C-130’s in/out of Depot maintenance. Aircraft also include depot support large cargo and small HQ command support-type aircraft. Adjacent to I-15, Hill itself is a major/”core” USAF base with full Base services, facilities & amenities in the large Layton-Ogden UT metro area. Also check (infrequent) Space-A at Utah Air National Guard KC-135 operation co-located with Salt Lake City Intl Airport, located about 30 miles away from Hill.

  2. “Space A” air VERY sporadic! With its KC-135’s, Utah Air National Guard at Salt Lake City Intl is a better bet, but they’re so over-tasked that “Cat. 6” is very “iffy” there too. 🙁

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